Automatic Index Tuning in SQL Server Using the Missing Index Dynamic Management Views

Este es un artículo de lo más interesante. Talvez no sea lo que uno quisiera hacer en sus ambientes. Pero en casos en los que no podes mejorar el rendimiento de las consultas por no tener acceso a la maquina

Justin M. Dority on Development

In many cases, a DBA may not have access to your deployed databases (if they are deployed to customer sites), may not be able to predict which indexes will help most in ad-hoc reporting databases, or simply may not have the time to hand-tune indexes on all of your databases. To help DBAs with tuning indexes, the missing index Dynamic Management Views (DMVs) were introduced in SQL Server 2005, but they only provide suggestions, there is no built-in facility to automate index tuning. However, with a small T-SQL script, you can put some of your databases on autopilot, and hopefully provide a better experience for your users.

Once again, there is no replacement for an experienced DBA with knowledge of your data and usage patterns performing tuning, but if you don’t have a DBA available for your database, just want a little guidance in which indexes are needed, or you…

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